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Microsoft has officially released Windows 8 to the public. At this time, Windows 7 is a proven, stable operating system and we are still recommending that over Windows 8. That being said, there are a few nice features included with Windows 8 and they are worth mentioning at this time. One of the most important […]

Nov 7th, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Java has released major updates for both PC and Mac computers. We usually recommend these updates, as they keep computers secure and stable. Most updates are automatically downloaded to computers that already have the software installed. Some malware is able to take advantage of vulnerabilities in software like Java. Java updates remove any known vulnerabilities […]

Oct 23rd, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Apple has released its newest computer operating system (OS) and will be releasing a major upgrade to its mobile operating system. I will go over some new features and explain how these new features will help with all your Mac needs. The newest Mac OS is version 10.8 and is called Mountain Lion. The user […]

Sep 14th, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Later this year, Microsoft will likely release Windows 8 as its new operating system for personal computers. When Windows 8 arrives, it will have been 12 years since XP began its run as the most used Microsoft operating system. This run will be coming to an end, as Microsoft will no longer extensively support XP […]

Jun 7th, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

We have already touched on the importance of keeping a backup of your data. What do you do if you need the data that has been backed-up? The process for copying backed-up data to computer system(s) is called restoring . In this post, I will focus on PC and Mac workstation restores and how the restore process works. […]

May 21st, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Microsoft provides updates to keep your PC(s) secure and give your Windows products the latest features. That is only half of the updates necessary on most computers. Most computers have third-party software installed alongside the Windows products. It is important to keep these third party products (TPPs) updated to keep computers stable and secure. Some […]

May 4th, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Malware and viruses are a hindrance to computers, but most infections can be avoided with a combination of good anti-malware/anti-virus software and preventative measures. Here a few preventative measures to aid in maintaining clean and secure computers. Uninstall Old Programs Uninstalling old, unused programs keeps computers clean and reduces the number of attack points on […]

Mar 21st, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more organized. It has been nearly 2 full months and things are looking up. One way I have stayed organized is through managing my note-taking. I used to have paper notes everywhere. Now, I use a few different products to make sure I keep my notes organized. […]

Feb 26th, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

The weather is changing and we will soon have more storms. Storms can produce lightning that may lead to power outages, surges, and other malicious aftermath. Problematic weather can wreak havoc on your computers/devices and we want you to be protected from data loss. One way to protect your business’ data, during poor weather, is […]

Feb 23rd, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support