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Mac Operating Systems Upgrades

Sep 14th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Apple has released its newest computer operating system (OS) and will be releasing a major upgrade to its mobile operating system. I will go over some new features and explain how these new features will help with all your Mac needs.

The newest Mac OS is version 10.8 and is called Mountain Lion. The user interface did not change much with this most recent update. Most of the changes are behind the scenes and incorporated into new features. Just as with Lion, Mountain Lion can be downloaded from the Mac App Store (only available on Snow Leopard and newer). This operating system has been out for long enough to where the initial bugs have been addressed and it is ready for wide-spread use.

Some key new features in Mountain Lion are Notifications, Notes, Reminders, and iCloud integration. These new features allow Mac users to sync all of their cloud-based files with their mobile devices. Notifications, Reminders and Notes allow users to stay organized and not forget important tasks/dates. To learn more about Mountain Lion and it’s new features, please see

The upcoming iOS mobile operating system will be version 6. To get most of the new features and performance upgrades, users will need to purchase the next generation iPhone (should be announced on 9/12/2012). iPhone 4S and newer iPad users will the most out of the iOS upgrade, while using existing hardware. Older hardware will still receive the upgrade, but some features will be limited/not available. For more information on iOS 6, please see

Windows 8 is right around the corner and Windows Phone will be making strides as well. Look for future entries covering these products.

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