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Apple Snow Leopard and business

Aug 31st, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Apple just launched their newest OS version named Snow Leopard, obviously in an early shot at Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7.  With Microsoft still the dominant player in desktop and laptop platforms, does Apple have a chance of seriously infiltrating the business computing sector?

Microsoft missed out on an entire generation of business computer upgrades due to poor performance and poor press on Windows Vista.  I don’t think there can be a better time than now for Apple to focus its sights on business computing.  I like to focus on attorneys and law firms when dealing with emerging business computing issues because they are considered one of the top technology power users.  With a substantial portion of the legal industry moving towards full digital use, lawyers and legal professionals are an obvious barometer for future business computing trends.

Apple still faces that catch 22 scenario that has plagued them for decades; how do you enter a market to run many business applications that are developed exclusively for Windows.  If you never gain a foothold into business computing then software developers will not write applications compatible to run on Macs.  In kind, if you only have a few compatible applications for business that run on Macs how can you gain a significant market share of business computing to be a viable alternative to Windows?  A simple illustration of this point is provided in two of the most prevalent legal profession and law office software applications, LexisNexis’ PCLaw and Amicus Attorney.  Neither of these products are compatible with Apple’s Mac OS.

Another point on Apple’s penetration into the computing market as a whole, is a recent article stating many students are passing on Macs for smaller and less expensive netbooks.  Academia has always been an Apple stronghold and their chance to gain future customers after those students moved into the business sector.

What percentage of Macs do you have at your business?

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