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Circle with Disney Review: Take Control Of Your Kid’s Internet Usage

May 25th, 2016 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

The Problem

It’s no secret kids are using technology more and more. According to Common Sense Media, 75% of children (ages 0-8) surveyed have an access to some kind of “smart” mobile device in their home– be that a table, phone, etc. And while technology is an excellent resource for education and creativity, it can also be distracting and potentially dangerous un-monitored.

Circle Media has partnered with Disney to create a variety of Circle products – Circle, My Circle, and Circle Go. The primary application Circle has several tools to help parents have more control over their child’s network usage on their smart devices. L5 Solutions has tried out “Circle with Disney” and learned about how it can fit into the family home.

Circle Product picture


  • Time Limits: Parents can set how long the network will be active on their child’s device. There can be an overall limit for a device as well as individualized for different apps – so a user could be given 2 hours on Twitter, but only 1 on Netflix. Parents can receive notifications when limits have been reached, and kids are able to see how much time they have left.



  • BedTime: Each user can have a different daily “BedTime”, or a time at night when the device disconnects from the internet for the night until a preset time in the morning. Adults can set this on their devices as well as a chance to sleep undistracted. Devices will reconnect at wake-up time.


  • Filter: As kids grow and mature, so does their ability to make smart choices online. So it makes sense that Circle has “age presets” for pre-K, kid, teen, and adult. These presets have different recommendations for applications and websites that are blocked and allowed on that device. Circle also defaults to safe search on google to keep results clean.


  • MyCircle This is the Circle companion app where users can keep track of their time online, time limits, and BedTime on a dashboard. Users can also use the application to interact with built-in Disney content such as games, blogs, video and music. This is a nice feature because kids can interact with entertaining content without having to go anywhere else.

mycircle with disney
Looking ahead…the company just launched “Circle Go” – a subscription service that allows all these settings to also apply to the child’s device outside the home. At this time, they are taking reservations because of the demand.

Bottom Line: Frank Howard, owner of L5 Solutions, personally uses Circle to manage his family network. You don’t want to worry about where and when your kids are browsing on their smart devices. If you’re looking for an easy to control your kid’s network usage – Circle with Dinsey might be worth a try.

To learn more about Circle with Disney:

(Photos screenshots from application or taken from website)

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