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Does anyone still care in business…?

Aug 1st, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Have you ever wondered if anyone still cares in business anymore?

We do care about our customers and the success of their businesses. That’s why we’ve positioned L5 Solutions not just as a computer service and IT support company but as a committed partner to your company focused on realizing your business goals through the intelligent use of technology. Now that is a pretty long sentence. We’ve always said we do not just implement technology for technology’s sake. If it makes sense to utilize the latest acronym (NAS, SAN, PPC, etc…) technology then we’ll do it, but in some cases there are better proven solutions to accomplish the same task with a proven and stable track record.

The trust factor:
How pleasant is it for you to go to see your local mechanic? Most likely it does not make you feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about it. Why? Well, in most cases you only see them when you have a problem. They fix it… hopefully: hopefully in a short period of time, hopefully at a reasonable cost, hopefully they did not break something else you’ll have to come see them about in the next 2 weeks. Right?

It is the same way with traditional IT support and computer services. That is why we transformed IT support to focus on keeping our customers server, computers, technology assets, mobile devices, etc up and running and advising our clients to help them achieve their business goals using and optimizing their business technology. We want to build and nurture long term relationships and partner with businesses driven succeed.

So don’t lose hope. There are those who still care, who still deliver on promises and who work hard to do the best job. We do. Now that makes me feel warm and fuzzy 😉

edit Aug 2, 2009 @ 23:25

Oddly enough here is an article asking “do you trust your auto mechanic?” and how some are trying to upsell customers on unnecessary repairs due to slow business during the recession.  This reinforces my conviction that our business model of taking care of everything for our customers at a predictable recurring price, for IT support, technology recommendations and IT advising make sense now more than ever.

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