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Dropbox Business AdminX Update to Make Collaboration More Secure

Aug 25th, 2016 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Dropbox – it’s not just for storing documents anymore. The file storage company has 500 million users with three different levels of membership – basic, pro, and business. The business level allows for collaboration with a team and has additional safety features such as permission levels and administrator tools. These tools are being refreshed with latest update Admin X.


            AdminX started as an internal movement last year. The idea is to take Dropbox’s user-first approach to design and tailor it so that IT professionals can better empower and protect company data. Admin tools have always existed, but they are now easier to use and provide more flexibility. AdminX is the name of the revitalized admin control dashboard.

Screenshot from official Dropbox blog

Screenshot from official Dropbox blog

Team Folder Updates 

            Admin X is primarily an update to team folders and security controls relevant to them. A team folder is essentially a “digital hub” for sharing documents. It a way to ensure members have access to the files most relevant to their productivity without having to search through a company’s entire database. Here is an overview of team folders:

  • Team control: Administrators can invite people to this team folder whether they are a member of your Dropbox Business account or are an outside collaborator. Before, controls only allowed for a single file or entire DropBox to be shared to an outside user, causing too little or too much data to be accessible to freelancers and contractors.
  • Syncing: Admins can decide if files sync automatically to team members, if they do so differently based on the kind of device, and the total number of devices that can be synced. If there are security concerns for certain files to be viewed on mobile, these new syncing tools will help address that.
  • Permission Controls: All the granular permission tools are now easy to view in one place. Admins can set whether a team member can simply view or download a file, or whether they can also delete and edit them. This ensures an important file is not accidently deleted.
  • Improved event logging: If something goes wrong with a document, admins can figure out who did it and when with an audit log. The new event logging shows all the edits and versions of a file along with the username and IP address of who did it. This inclusion of IP address could be vital if someone is worried their account has been compromised.

Screenshot of team folder manager in Dropbox Business Admin Console

Screenshot from official Dropbox blog

These tools will roll out over time, unless an interested user would like to sign up for early access.

Next Steps

If YOUR businesses wants to join the 200,000 companies currently using Dropbox Business, there’s no better time to do so. With the recent Dropbox Infinite update helping with storage, and new administrator tools rolling out – Dropbox is on the side of innovation and productivity for your company.

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