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Finally, quality video for business and consumers

Sep 30th, 2010 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Has video conferencing for business and video chat finally made the big jump to good quality images that will allow it to go mainstream?  Several large consumer and enterprise companies think users are ready for video collaboration and video calls. Apple is set to release front and rear facing cameras on the next generation of iPad coming out in early 2011.  With their iPhone 4 already allowing video calls using Facetime, the iPad was the next logical step in video.  Blackberry’s new tablet, the Playbook, along with other newcomers including the Samsung Galaxy are vying for consumer video applications.

On the enterprise side, Cisco has been a big player in video conferencing and video collaboration.  Their telepresence solutions has been around for quite some time with good results but at a hefty price, extreme low end $50,000 up to realistically spending several hundred thousand dollars for a video collaboration setup.  High-definition video has been showing up in consumer devices for quite some time.  So obviously businesses are using it and wanting it too.  Price was always the big limiter, especially with small business.  Small and medium businesses are set for some big surprises in price and performance, however, with some  game changing products from various companies such as VU Telepresence.  The video revolution is truly upon us and the image quality of the view looks great.

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