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Helpful Hints: Malware and Virus Prevention

Mar 21st, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Malware and viruses are a hindrance to computers, but most infections can be avoided with a combination of good anti-malware/anti-virus software and preventative measures. Here a few preventative measures to aid in maintaining clean and secure computers.

Uninstall Old Programs
Uninstalling old, unused programs keeps computers clean and reduces the number of attack points on the computer. Removing the old software will strengthen your defense and can also free up valuable hard drive space.

Avoid Using Browser Toolbars
Search toolbars are very popular browser toolbars. Many Internet browsers have built-in, customizable search features that make the search toolbars unnecessary (see image below). Browser toolbars may seem convenient at first, but they rarely provide benefits that are worth the security risk. These toolbars, especially poorly designed toolbars, can be a major weakness in your defense against malicious software.


Remove Local Administrator Permissions
In typical scenarios, users will not need to be local administrators. Using standard user profiles can help eliminate malicious software installs and prevent users from making detrimental changes to the computer.

Several types of malware infect computers via emails. Software can be used to prevent malicious emails from infecting computers, but the best way to avoid issues is to handle email with care. Unknown senders and spam emails should be monitored and deleted. Strange emails should be reported to the sender and they can re-send the email, if necessary.

Safe Internet Browsing
Safe Internet browsing is the most important hint I can provide. Avoiding unknown websites and links can really help with malware prevention.

Using preventative measures, alongside updated and active malware detecting software, will help keep computers safe and in good working condition. Malware is out there and the best offense against these threats is a good defense.

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