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Indianapolis technology weekly tweet updates for 2009-08-30

Aug 30th, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support
  • reading about #apple #snow-leopard for $29. WOW. #
  • is following the #apple vs #google #iphone battles, the latest #
  • is dealing with more CIO business tech issues related to security. Often overlooked is vetting your vendors and their itsec. #
  • is setting up some more dual WAN #cisco routers. Indy has great options for fast network providers. Speed rules in business… #
  • is developing more backup and data disaster recovery plans for business. Not just a server crash, but deleted data and fire/water damage. #
  • is reading about online banking fraud aimed at small business #
  • CIOs & biz execs thinking about moving towards #macs –> #
  • still searching for good #blawgs on law office practice management software and other tech issues. Any good blawgers out there to follow? #
  • The exact opposite of twitter: #
  • is taking care of some more dual WAN issues to allow for 2 internet connections for redundancy and speed. #cisco & Linksys biz class options #
  • RT @twailgum When Does Open-Source Code Become Proprietary of Firm and Not Programmer? Goldman Sachs fallout #
  • Break into wireless router in 60 sec: same way hackers got millions TJ Maxx credit cards #
  • small biz and CIOs beware: break into wireless router in 60 sec: secure your network! #
  • dealing with some PCI security issues. If you use #exchange mail server with OWA webmail open you do not comply. There is no fix from MS. #
  • OpSource announces better control & more secure #cloud computing to integrate with private cloud and your vpn #
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