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is indianapolis business back?

Sep 8th, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

With all the speculation by the mainstream media on the recession, green shoots and a V or U shaped recovery, it is often difficult to discern fact from news.  From the business executives and small business owners we deal with it all comes down to the bottom line and how willing they are to begin spending again.  This is not a post on the economy at large, but rather an indication from local Indianapolis businesses that spending may again be ramping up.  As an aside, if you want some solid and entertaining financial advice check this out.

According to some local telecom providers, new customer interest and demos are growing, with significant increases in the past several weeks.  Telephony is a good barometer of the overall business climate because nothing is more basic and necessary as voice and data connectivity to a business.  With that said, voice and especially data purchasing has been down significantly since the recession hit and was realized in Oct of 08.  So when business cut back even on the basics the overall cascading affect hit most businesses, some harder than others.  Again, the point to note is that business executives and small business owners are increasingly optimistic about the direction of the economy and business in Indiana.  According to several online job sites, new job postings are up, but to temper expectations it is also reported that there is only 1 job for every 6 job seekers.

So with those tempered expectations, I think that with the recent experiences over the past year we’ll see businesses focus more on vetting their business partners, vendors and other relationships more thoroughly.  What that will mean is a leaning out of local small businesses.  A few will prosper and the others will most likely struggle or fail.  The successful businesses will drive each others bottom line and grow together.  Will we see Indianapolis business again invest in their core processes, business infrastructure and technology?  The indicators look good.

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