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It will happen… it always does

Jul 23rd, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

So I thought I would reflect on another case of people thinking it won’t happen to them…. a server crash. :(

Get a solid backup and recovery solution for your business. Don’t cut corners, or costs, on this one. What would happen if your business server(s) quit working right now? Even if you have a backup, such as on tape, on an external USB or even on one of the many cheap offsite backup options, would you be able to recover your server and how long would it take? If you’re using tape to backup still I really recommend making a change. Tape has a pretty significant rate of not allowing you to recover data. That rate varies depending on study, but often I see 50% failure for tape backups when trying to recover data. The cheap offsite or online backup is cheap. But when you calculate how long it will take to process and download your data it becomes a measurement in days not minutes that you need for a business that is down.

We’ve gone through the whole evolution of backup media options, software, hardware, offsite, imaging, data centers, etc… After much searching and a number of trials we’ve got a proven backup and disaster recovery solution that really works. this backup/imaging option is a server (NAS) that sits onsite at your business. It takes multiple incremental snapshots throughout the day, up to every 15 minutes if desired. It handles SQL and has some pretty great Exchange mailbox item recovery built-in (it actually works!). So if you delete a file or need to go back and check revisions of files/folders it’s all there. The recovery is fast because the device is on your internal office network.

So what if your server crashes completely, like if someone decides to use it as a coffee table and spills their cup o joe. If your server crashes this NAS backup device can be up and running an image of your server in under 30 minutes. Yep, less than 30 minutes and your business is working just like nothing happened. This gives you time to purchase a new server and then port the image onto your new hardware and BAM… your new server is going and your a happy camper.

So what if there is a major incident like a water line break or a tornado… in this case the NAS also allows for transfer of data/backups/images offsite to secure data centers in Colorado and Maryland. The data is all encrypted using the highest available schemes such as blowfish or 256 bit encryption.
…besides the fact we recommend placing the NAS backup device at a different area of your office than the server…

It’s just like going to buy insurance, no one wants to take time to do it or spend money on it, but boy, when something bad happens and you can recover from it quickly you understand why you need it.

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