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L5 Solutions 10 Year Anniversary, Part 2: The Team

Jul 21st, 2016 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

When you call L5 Solutions, you are not calling an automated system, but a group of people. The L5 team is made up of people at different points in their careers who bring different experiences and knowledge sets to the table. Some come from the corporate world, others from healthcare, etc.  However, they have several things in common that make them a team – and it’s not just the fact that two of our technicians are named Nick.

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  1. They Like Working With Customers

All the technicians say that one of their favorite things about working at L5 is the variety of the work. “We get to be a part of a lot different sectors while doing the same work” Wyatt describes it.

This means interacting with lots of people on a daily basis. Nick Grady says that it feels “great when you can help them quickly” and focuses on remote work while Wyatt enjoys going on site because of the in-person interaction and the ability to help multiple people at once. “It’s great to see them happy once their stuff is working.”

  1. They Work as a Team

Since every day is a little different, the technicians at L5 work together to solve problems, whether that’s giving advice or tackling something together. Everyone can bring their various knowledge and experience to the table.

Josh says it makes him feel confident knowing “somebody will be able to help you out” and that the end product is ultimately better as a result. He describes the technician team as a culture of being inviting and learning, so that everyone can thrive.

Delegating can also be key, especially when it’s a situation that required all hands on deck. If a server goes down, speed is key to get a company back up and running. This means everyone needs to pitch in and problem solve.

  1. They Believe L5 is different

Josh describes his IT working experiences before L5 as restricted – “You have to stay in the box”. But at L5, he feels more freedom to be conversational with clients and he is able to resolve issues more efficiently. He doesn’t feel held back by a corporate “script”, and is better able to understand and bond with the client as a result.

Nick Rabiola echoes these ideas, saying “We do things differently for different places because we do what makes sense.” He feels there’s less red tape and so things get done faster, instead of his experiences with other companies where “you only see things one way.”

For Nick Grady, all of this translates to a better response time and what he feels is simply a more organized work environment. This organization looks like better, consistent documentation, with a ticketing system updated daily to ensure everyone is on the same page. It also leads to superior problem solving. “We’re in the business of doing it the right way”, says Wyatt. “We have systems that we know work every time.” When a ticket comes in, it’s not just about solving an individual issue. It’s about following best practices and “asking the right questions” to understand what a client is truly trying to accomplish and why. That way, they can be set up to avoid future issues.

 A Non-Technical Viewpoint

            As for me, Miranda Lenar, there has been something exciting about being the first full-time marketing person for L5 Solutions. For almost a decade, L5 has grown simply on word of mouth and providing quality service to their clients. There is something powerful and organic about that, and I love hearing from our customers about how pleased they are with our personable nature and fast response time.

I look forward to continuing to get stories of both clients and technicians and improve my communication with our audience.

This has been a look at the team behind the name here at L5 Solutions. We are excited to continue minimizing technology frustration and putting our best foot forward for our client’s success.

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