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Restoring of Data and Systems

May 21st, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

We have already touched on the importance of keeping a backup of your data. What do you do if you need the data that has been backed-up? The process for copying backed-up data to computer system(s) is called restoring . In this post, I will focus on PC and Mac workstation restores and how the restore process works. (*Please note: servers and other devices may require more advanced solutions.)

There are several situations when data/software will need to be restored. Here are a few, typical scenarios:

  • Hardware failure can force users to restore their data to new hardware or the same hardware (after repair)
  • Accidentally deleting a file
  • Restoring back to a previous version of a file
  • Restoring to a system state that was more stable

PC users can use the built-in System Restore, along with their backup solution, to restore data and system states.  The built-in System Restore functionality allows admin users to create and use System Restore points. Not all workstations have this enabled, so it is not safe to assume this functionality is active. System Restore, along with a backup solution (onsite and/or offsite), allows admin users to restore back to a time when the computer was stable/configured in a way that is desired. If necessary, data can be restored directly from the configured backup solution.

Mac users can use the built-in Time Machine feature that backs-up data and system states to an external device. A single file or entire operating system can be restored using this feature. This is not the only solution for restoring data and the proper restore process is determined by how the data was backed-up.

Some restores only require a simple process of finding a file in a backup and then restoring that file. Other restores require a migration/restoration after re-building a computer system. More advanced restores are handled through software/hardware solutions. For more information on backups and restore systems that may be appropriate for you and your business, please see

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