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Tablet PC for Business Users

Apr 7th, 2011 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Although the iPad craze started in April of 2010, the business world has been looking for a tablet solution for much longer. My personal introduction was over a decade ago when a sales person at the engineering firm I worked for bought a “convertible notebook”. This device allowed him to flip the screen and write on it with a stylus. The problem was that the technology and applications were not ready.

A few years later (end of 2002) there was an article in PC Magazine that asked “Are Tablet PCs the Next Big Thing?” The author was optimistic at that time, but here we are, over 8 years later and we are just (hopefully) getting there.

Are we there yet?

I don’t know, but I have high hopes because I received notification that my ASUS Eee Slate has shipped from Amazon. In addition to hoping it meets my goal of replacing my work laptop, I want to evaluate it to determine where it makes sense for L5 Solutions small business customers. I plan to use blog entries to provide some insight into the latter.

Why I waited for the ASUS Slate

I needed something that could do more than just allow me to play games, surf the internet, and watch video. I needed a business computer. Since most of our business applications are Windows based, I needed a machine that would run standard Windows. Also, I wanted speed, handwritten note taking ability, decent size, and expandability.I will provide more information on my experience in future posts. If you are looking to buy or see the specs, check it out at Amazon. When I ordered mine on March 22nd, it said out of stock, but it ended up shipping April 7th. So don’t hesitate to get in line if you want it.

ASUS Slate EP121

ASUS Eee Slate EP121

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