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Sep 2nd, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

From some recent headlines it appears business and technology as we know it are in trouble!  Drudge’s current headline story is “Prepare to get sick!”  From this and other recent articles businesses and specifically CIO, CTO & technology managers, should have a prepared business continuity plan for the apparent flu epidemic.  How many business have this type of continuity plan in place to allow most, if not all, employees to telecommute and work from home?  I would suspect not many.

What are the implications and affects on business technology from such a drastic policy as forcing all employees to work remotely from home?  Some items to consider:

  • What is your server resource, licensing and bandwidth capacity for remote access through secure remote VPN access?
  • How will workers collaborate?  Can they share documents, conference call remotely, effectively carry out daily business tasks?  It most likely will not be as efficient as working together in the office, but can it even be done remotely?
  • What about security?  If many users have remote access, are the security policies and settings in place to restrict sensitive data from being downloaded remotely to their home computers or offsite to laptops?  This is a legal issue for some industries as well as an individual business secrecy issue for all.

There are many others but the above examples illustrate how daunting the task will be if in fact some of the more dire predictions come to pass.  Some companies may think cloud computing or hosted solutions are the answer.  Just remember the Google Gmail outage this past Tuesday and other cloud computing issues identified in the past.  Still though, recognize that even with Google’s recent Gmail outage their uptime service still beats most enterprises.

If you need advice on technology planning for your organization, you can always contact our parent company, L5 Solutions.

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