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Third-Party Product (TPPs) Updates

May 4th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Microsoft provides updates to keep your PC(s) secure and give your Windows products the latest features. That is only half of the updates necessary on most computers. Most computers have third-party software installed alongside the Windows products. It is important to keep these third party products (TPPs) updated to keep computers stable and secure.

Some common TPPs are Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, and Java. When installing these TPPs, it is usually best to avoid the opt-in downloads. The opt-in downloads are rarely malicious, but they may be unnecessary and may eventually lead to issues.

Many forms of malware find their way on to PCs through TPPs that have not been updated. Even Mac OS computers are affected in this way. Most TPPs can be set to automatically update and that is usually the best way for most users to stay protected and stable.

It is generally a best practice to keep any TPPs updated. Updated programs work better and provide better security. Keep data safe and enable new features by keeping your computers updated.

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