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video conferencing

Dec 29th, 2010 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

I remember 80’s movies showing video phones so you can talk and see who you’re talking to at the same time.  Well, the technology has been around for a while now but really hasn’t gone mainstream past big business.  I think video is now poised to infiltrate the home and small business.

There are several providers offering low cost video conference and telepresence options.  VU and UMI are two that I’ve looked into briefly.  The Cisco UMI commercial I saw recently helped solidify how regular people will use video in everyday life.  The commercial shows a woman trying to teach a younger lady how to “play spoons.”  It is not a large boardroom of angry men trying to take over the world or even geeky computer folks discussing how to beat the latest online video game.  These two women, likely friends or maybe even mother and daughter, can sit down and talk as well as see each other, in high definition – HD.  So there really are some good and fun reasons you will start to use video in the home and in small business just to make things easier and make them more personal.  What I see as the real reason this is viable now, however, is the price; under $1000 for the hardware and possibly some sort of small monthly payment, $50 or less, for the service.

The obvious limitation to the above technology is you must be in front of the device, which will likely be located on top or near your hd tv.  That is where the ability to send and receive video from your mobile phone or tablet comes in to play.  The iPhone4  already has, and supposedly next generation iPad will have, front and rear facing cameras for video.  Get ready, because video will begin to show up everywhere in your home and business…

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