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Windows 7, the next big upgrade for business computers?

Jul 22nd, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

There is usually much anticipation when Microsoft is set to release the next version of its ubiquitous Windows software. In this case, waiting for Windows 7, I don’t know if users and businesses really care as much as they did in the past. Is it because the Windows OS reached its peak with XP, especially for business network connectivity and ease of use? I know from working with many small businesses it isn’t that Vista was so bad, it was just a little different without offering a noticeable benefit for the upgrade. There are some pretty nice features in Windows 7 but businesses will drive whether this is a big hit for Microsoft on their new desktop/laptop operating system.  One point to note for those looking to purchase a new computer or laptop now, is that Microsoft has several promotions offering a free upgrade to Windows 7 with qualifying Windows Vista purchases prior to the official release.  That may help bump up the overall acceptance and adoption of the new OS too…?

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