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Windows 8 Release

Jun 7th, 2012 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Later this year, Microsoft will likely release Windows 8 as its new operating system for personal computers. When Windows 8 arrives, it will have been 12 years since XP began its run as the most used Microsoft operating system. This run will be coming to an end, as Microsoft will no longer extensively support XP (starting April of next year).

New operating systems equal new features. There are several changes from XP and plenty of changes from the current operating system, Windows 7. I will briefly explain a few, new features in Windows 8.

  • Metro Interface: This is a brand new feature in Windows 8. Instead of the normal Desktop and Start menu, users will immediately see tiles that represent programs and tasks. Users will be able to select a tile and go to Internet Explorer, Email, or other programs. At this time, this feature is optional and doesn’t seem like it will fully replace the Desktop and Start Menu.
    Opening full screen programs will be one Metro feature that will be used more than any other aspect of Metro. Metro may prove useful in touch computing and mobile technologies, but look for most of the features to be initially absent from everyday use.
  • Internet Explorer 10: Internet Explorer 9 is the current web browser provided by Microsoft. IE 10 will be introduced in Windows 8. There may be several website compatibility issues at first, but look for IE 10 to be the best web browser Microsoft has yet to offer.
  • Windows Defender: This will be the default anti-virus program for Windows 8. Microsoft Security Essentials is currently set as Microsoft’s solution and its features will be merged with Windows Defender for the Windows 8 release.

These are only a few of the new features that will be included in Windows 8. New operating systems can be buggy at first, but they still offer several benefits and enhancements that will help businesses of all sizes. Not all businesses will immediately switch to Windows 8, but look for this release to change the way computers are used in the workplace.

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