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Bing and Yahoo search vs Google search

Aug 2nd, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Online Marketing

In the world of tech geeks this is old news already, but news leaked to the mainstream media (msm) and confirmed on July 29 acknowledged Microsoft’s new Bing search engine will power Yahoo search and handle search engine advertising for the companies.

So, to most “normal” people who likely missed the news story entirely or saw it and said to themselves who cares, why does this matter. It matters if you are a small business owner because it may help you target new customers using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines. Online marketing is easily the most effective way to reach new customers, build your brand and generate leads for your business. Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo search together, though, only have about 30% of the search engine market. Google search has around 60% and everyone else combined makes up the last 10%. Google is quickly running away with ppc search engine advertising market on the Internet. As with any competition in the tech industry, the new push by Bing and Yahoo search should help bring new advances to Internet marketing and search advertising. In this case the benefits should come most significantly to the small business consumers who get the most from online advertising. If nothing else it should keep Google focused on providing the best tools, value and prices for it adwords search results PPC advertising.

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