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business marketing messages that miss

Sep 6th, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Online Marketing

It sees like one of those things we all know but for some reason many business miss: create a professional website that complements your main marketing message.  We’ve all seen the ridiculously outdated website, with news articles from 2005; or a website that has several links that go nowhere; or a website that screams your kids made it 10 years ago.  Why would business executives and/or owners concede to such laziness when it comes to what is commonly the first impression of your business for potential suppliers and clients?  If it is not a first impression, it is often a large part of validating your company in the eyes of those same potential customers and business partners.

It seems odd that these same businesses and decision makers would never compromise on their business cards, business suit or other marketing items.  Really, what do you do first after you meet someone, exchange business cards and are looking to do business together?  Do you open a phone book to check out their yellow pages ad, drive by their office…  maybe, but most likely you take a look at their company’s website.  To be clear, I am not suggesting or condoning flashy websites for businesses.  What I am suggesting is the necessity of a clear marketing message that is consistent across all mediums; your personal appearance, print materials and online media such as websites.

This is not a new or revolutionary topic, but I continue to encounter significantly lacking websites and Internet marketing from what appear to otherwise be solid businesses.  The most common reason I hear for these deficiencies is related to budget.  Once a company puts up their website there is no more money allocated to it, ever.  They think it is “good enough.”  I wonder if potential customers think it is good enough?

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