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New Google search – caffeine – in sandbox

Aug 16th, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support, Online Marketing

So it’s been several days since Google announced their new next generation search engine Google Caffeine.  When you open the link to Google Caffeine it looks just like the regular Google search home page we’re all used to seeing.  However, if you take note of the address bar you see  You can enter you search into Google as usual to see how your website ranks compared to regular Google search.  This will definitely be heavily tested by those interested in search engine optimization seo, website optimization, online advertisers and webmasters in general.

With Google already dominating the search engine traffic at or over 60% of global search, this new Google search may be more bad news for Microsoft and their latest foray into search and online advertising, Bing.  Google is touting significantly faster indexing, increased database size and better search results.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Bing has secured a search partnership with Yahoo search and Yahoo marketing to run the background search technology for the popular web portal.  It seems Google is not resting on its laurels as the number 1 search provider and online marketing advertiser.  I don’t think anyone would expect to see Google lagging in technology competition and it appears they are not.  Not only is Google pushing the envelope on search and search marketing but they have also been busy working on online collaboration, document sharing and next generation social networking with Google Wave (we’ve previously tweeted about Google Wave).

Google Wave - Google enters social media, document sharing and collaboration.

Google Wave - Google enters social media, document sharing and collaboration.

So Google is still the leader in search and pushing hard to continue their dominate market share.  Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine to replace Microsoft Live, appears to be struggling a little although it still is technically in beta.  Bing is still having a significant number of posts in their online forum about issues with home pages or index.html (index.htm) not being indexed by the search engine spiders or bots.  Along with sites not being indexed, some sites that were ranked successfully, many for years, are being dropped from the index while still maintaining their high page ranks and search results on Yahoo and Google search.  Another issue facing Bing and their assault on Google is many pages that are indexed by Bing have meta robots entries for noindex and nofollow.  I’m sure these basic issues will be resolved as the Bing search engine evolves and emerges from Beta, but Google was, is and for the foreseeable future will remain the top search engine for users.  And with their new search engine, Google Caffeine, it appears everyone will be chasing them for a long time to come.  😉

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