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Outsource CIO advising and business IT support

Aug 13th, 2009 | Posted by | Filed under Indianapolis IT support, Online Marketing

I was in a business a while ago, one of our customers, and they have a picture of a fox and two rabbits stating something to the affect of “if you chase two targets you won’t catch either of them.”

One thing all successful small businesses do is focus on their core and find other companies to take care of everything else.  It really does make sense when you think about it.  Instead of hiring a person to cut the grass, develop marketing materials, maybe even do your accounting or handle your business computers, servers and other technology why not get an expert to take care of all these other items.  It seems the initial realization of the cost of the venture often puts small business owners off to the idea.  Why would I pay a market branding expert to come in and do something I certainly could do myself (if only I could find the time…?).  Well, maybe you could learn all the necessary knowledge that goes into the art of understanding how to get people to remember your logo, services, etc, but you could also spend that time learning more about your own business, refining processes or better yet spend time away from work.  If you think of it as the time taken away from helping your core business then it usually does not make sense to perform the tasks yourself or in-house.  In the case above even if you spent a good deal of time researching marketing and branding it would not even be a drop in the bucket compared to a branding expert.  So yes you could most certainly create a brand and send it to market, but it most likely would not be nearly as effective as the expert.

So, why then do many small business owners, (CEOs, CFOs, presidents) and small business executives want to try to manage and administer their small business servers, computers, mobile devices, printers, networks, routers, firewalls, etc…?  Is it more secure to do it yourself?  Probably not.  Is it faster to do it yourself?  Probably not.  Is it more fun to do it yourself?  Probably not. Is it less expensive (cheaper) to do it yourself.  Probably not.

That’s right; it’s probably not less expensive for you to manage your own business computers. What else can you being doing while you are trying to fix, update and manage your small business computer?  Talking with customers, calling on new leads and potential customers, focusing on your vision and future growth for the business…  With the switch of some specialized computer support service companies to managed services, a fixed monthly fee for all your computer support, you could focus on driving your business and growing revenue.  The monthly fixed cost allows you to easily manage technology costs and plan your budget.  So not only can you spend your time running your business but you can reduce the costs associated with your computer system and network being down (employee wages, missed email and other communications, lost data, etc) because the manage service provider is incentified to keep your systems up and running.

So now you’re focused on growing your business, defining vision, planning for the next 6 months, year, 5 years, etc…  You can also get some great help from an outsourced CTO or CIO – Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer.  Some specialist IT advisors do offer these services to help you plan and budget for future technology/software upgrades/purchases, technology utilization and optimization, and business trends within technology to get you on top and keep you there.  There are things we all do and then there are things we do well.  Let’s all focus on the things we do well and see how your business revenue grows from the expertise.

You can find out more about our CIO advisors as well as computer IT support services.

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