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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more organized. It has been nearly 2 full months and things are looking up. One way I have stayed organized is through managing my note-taking. I used to have paper notes everywhere. Now, I use a few different products to make sure I keep my notes organized. […]

Feb 26th, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Anyone who recently updated their Mac with the 10.7.3 Combo or Delta update may no longer be able to boot their systems if they have Symantec PGP and specifically WDE, whole disk encryption, installed and running.  This is a familiar issue between Apple updates and OsX upgrades and PGP.  Because of the history of those […]

Feb 7th, 2012 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

There it is, the 800 lb gorilla is waiting. No one wants to talk about Mac security because they’ve been told and sold that Mac users don’t need to worry about viruses and other security issues like Windows users. Macs were considered safe because of the low number of devices out there compared to PCs. […]

May 25th, 2011 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

I’m often asked which smartphone is best for small business users.  My gut response from dealing with pretty much every make and model of mobile phone and smartphone is the Apple iPhone. With that said, there is often a better answer for small business users than simply stating the iPhone is best.  If you are […]

Jul 3rd, 2010 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Not necessarily crucial to business success, but nonetheless important for many users, here are a couple iPhone tips per user request. Print screen from your iPhone: To take screenshot on your iPhone hold down lock/off button on top of phone & click the home key; saves it to your camera roll. * How to print […]

Sep 6th, 2009 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

Apple just launched their newest OS version named Snow Leopard, obviously in an early shot at Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7.  With Microsoft still the dominant player in desktop and laptop platforms, does Apple have a chance of seriously infiltrating the business computing sector? Microsoft missed out on an entire generation of business computer upgrades due […]

Aug 31st, 2009 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support