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“The pen is mightier than the sword.” We’ve all heard the old adage about the importance of information in warfare. Well, our data is equally important in business. As our ability to gather and digitize information grows our need to categorize that information for easy access and search grows as well. Certain industries and professions […]

Aug 24th, 2009 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support

So it’s been several days since Google announced their new next generation search engine Google Caffeine.  When you open the link to Google Caffeine it looks just like the regular Google search home page we’re all used to seeing.  However, if you take note of the address bar you see  You can enter you […]

Aug 16th, 2009 | Filed under Indianapolis IT support, Online Marketing

In the world of tech geeks this is old news already, but news leaked to the mainstream media (msm) and confirmed on July 29 acknowledged Microsoft’s new Bing search engine will power Yahoo search and handle search engine advertising for the companies. So, to most “normal” people who likely missed the news story entirely or […]

Aug 2nd, 2009 | Filed under Online Marketing

I’m sure you’re as excited as I am for this wonderful day. We received a new phone book… obviously I’m being sarcastic. Seriously though, when was the last time you used a phone book to find anything? From the people I talk with, they all use the Internet to search for and find the information […]

Jul 18th, 2009 | Filed under Online Marketing